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Keith Grafton Poet Photographer Artist


Hello and welcome, I’m Keith, I’m based in London and Barcelona, I’m married with Maite with whom I travel the world, and together we want to inspire you to embrace your uniqueness and your creativity.

In order to achieve this not only does this website highlight my creative output in terms of poetry, photography and video, but also the art design and creativity of others in terms of events, exhibitions and lifestyle.

I hope you will find this a source of inspiration and motivation so that you can embrace your creativity and uniqueness, and I invite you to join the mailing list and comment on my blogs.

Why The Creative Studio?

I was a geek for over 30 years, working on did big IT stuff, now do creative things, video, photography and poetry.

I’m working on building up the creative Studio, which is an environment to explore various forms of creativity and a framework to collaborate with other creatives, so I’m always interested in hearing from you.

What Was Before?

I did Big Corp for way too many years!! and to be honest I did not fit in. Its amazing how long we bang our heads against the wall before we finally realise its not working,  and that it actually hurts too much.

However I survived, realised that there is more to life then endless hours in an air conditioned glass box slaving over a dull and boring computer terminal.

Why The Photography and Video?

I always had an interest in photography, but really did not take it far. Then when I decided to do something more creative it seemed for me a natural way to go. So I honed up my practical skills with some help from the London College of Communication.

I did some fashion photography for a while, but felt I the desire to pursue aspects of photographic based art. Along the way the photography morphed into a interest in video, and now working with both.

Where Did the Poetry Come Form?

I started writing the odd poem years ago, I just found it was a way of expressing how I felt, and how I viewed the world around. At first nobody saw the poems that I wrote, then I showed a few to friends, some liked them, some were not too sure, but that’s the way things go.

Then Maite persuaded me that I should do something with them. So I decided to publish them on the website, and share some on social media, with a view to publishing a book.

If you like the poems let me know, and share them with friends.

So What Now?

Over the coming weeks and month I’m going to publish the poetry along with the photographic and video work that I’ve done, and via the creative studio further develop my creativity and art, along with collaborations with other creatives. Along the way looking at ways to commercialise this in different forms and products


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